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Q: “How much do you charge to deliver?”

A: It depends on distance and other factors.  Please contact us for a quote.

Q: “How clean is your inventory?”

A: “Southwest Party Rental insures that we hand wash most of our inventory after every use, therefor you get the quality you deserve.”

Q: “Do you do discounts for more than one day rentals?”

A: “We do offer discounts on certain items for rentals lasting longer than a few days. We put our customers first so please contact with us and we will work with you in order for you the get the best price possible.”

Q:”Are we responsible for tent setup?”

A: “Southwest Party Rental wants to insure everything at your next event goes as smoothly as possible. Therefor if a tent is larger than 10×10 we will set it up for you to assure everything goes smoothly.”